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MK 304 Vaccine - FEATURES

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MK 304 Vaccine

MK 304 - Releiable icelined refrigerator approved by WHO/Unicef

MK 304 Vaccine

Our electronic thermostats and the specially designed icelining ensure stable temperature control in range from +2 degrees Celsius to +8 degrees Celsius. The actual temperature is readily checked on the external digital thermometer. The effective insulation and the icelining ensure an exceptionally long hold-over time in case of power failure. The cabinet is filled with baskets, allowing organized storage. The galvanized steel cabinet protects against rust. Furthermore, the evaporator tubing is made of copper. The appliances are supplied in robust wooden crates.










Footprint (WxD), inch. 49.6x23.62
Footprint (WxD), mm. 1260x600mm
Height, mm. 850mm
Height, inch 33.52

Type Icelined Refrigerator
Gross Capacity, cu. ft. 7.2 cu. ft.
Gross Capacity, litres 204 l
Net Capacity cu. ft. 3.8 cu. ft.
Net Capacity, litres 108 l
Qty. per 20' container 24
Qty. Per 40' Container 50
Temperature range, C° 2 to 8 C°
Hold-over time during power failure 49/15
Energy Consumption 0.80/1.67